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Southern Region (Non-exclusive)

Milk Supply Agreement and Handbook

Non-Exclusive (Southern Region) - Statement of Circumstances

The following requirements must be met before Saputo Dairy Australia (SDA) will enter into a Milk Supply Agreement with you: 

  • you meet any assessment and verification checks conducted by SDA;

  • SDA’s reasonable determination (acting in good faith) that you are capable of meeting the terms of the Milk Supply Agreement, including but not limited to:
    • Saputo Animal Welfare Policy, Saputo Supplier Code of Conduct and Saputo Sustainable Agriculture Policy (each detailed in the Supplier Handbook, attached as Schedule 1 to the Milk Supply Agreement); and
    • Milk Quality Standard and the Milk Collection and On Farm Requirements (detailed in the Supplier Handbook, attached as Schedule 1 to the Milk Supply Agreement).

    In making such reasonable determination, we may:
    • review your history of compliance if you have been a past supplier to SDA;
    • review and take into account whether you are or have been the subject of any investigation(s) or convictions by an authority or regulator (or similar body); and/or
    • whether entering into an MSA with you has the potential to bring SDA’s reputation into disrepute.

  • SDA not already having entered into sufficient milk supply agreements to meet SDA’s demand requirements for milk.

Unless exceptional circumstances arise, SDA does not intend to enter into individual negotiations concerning this milk supply agreement template with individual suppliers.

SDA is not obliged to accept supply from any supplier who does not meet the above requirements.


Milk Supply Agreements - Southern Region

Milk Supply Agreement Non-Exclusive (Southern Region)


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