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Revised opening milk price of $9.40 per kg milk solids

29 June 2022

Saputo Dairy Australia has advised our suppliers that our opening weighted average farm gate milk price for non-exclusive supply has increased to $9.40 per kilogram milk solids. This is an increase of 21 cents per kilogram of butterfat and 42 cents per kilogram of protein. Our exclusive minimum price has been increased by the same rates.

Our revised opening minimum milk prices are reflected in the Milk Supply Agreements published on our website.

The non-exclusive minimum price is the price we will pay monthly to suppliers for non-exclusive supply of premium quality milk in each of the Northern Region, South-West Victoria and South Australia region, Gippsland region and Tasmania (including King Island). Exclusive milk supply agreements are available to suppliers in our Northern Region and South-West Victoria and South Australia region.

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